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operational on or before June 7th, 2018.

World’s first invisible & anonymous fully encrypted messenger app with Korrax-Stellar smart contract functionality


Pre ICO Launching June 7th 2018








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Total supply of KRX will be capped at 2,000,000,000

*Ravn Inc.Team Tokens Vest on June 7, 2019


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The Ravn technology team is built around Jaspreet who is a XMPP wizard with over 50 XMPP chat applications under his belt. He was a consultant for ConversationsIM which created the OMEMO encryption protocol based on the Signal Protocol. Before joining Ravn he was a senior specialist product developer at FIS Global from where we recruited the best talent to join us in building our project.


When will KRX be listed on Exchanges?

We will be working to list KRX on as many exchanges as possible. We are already in talks with a few exchanges.

How do I participate in Ravn’s Korrax Pre Sale?

The token generation event will be denominated at .05 cents $USD.  Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin and Ethereum will be accepted and converted at that time to reflect the pegged price.  By Clicking the ENTER ICO button, this will take you to your login portal where you can participate in the sale.  

Where can I download the app?

The Ravnapp chat platform is ready to use.  It can be downloaded on or before June 7th 2018, on both Android and iOS.

Can I use KRX from the presale within the app immediately?

No. The RavnPay ecosystem is being built after the Pre Sale.

How much will KRX be worth one day?

Use your imagination.

Is there a bounty program?

This will be available after the presale moving into the main sale in September.


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